Monday, July 9, 2012

We have moved to the Desert.. in KY!

I am pretty sure we moved from Ohio to the desert, though it was only 3 hours south and should be Kentucky!! Is there a desert in Kentucky?

The nation is struggling with high temperatures and dry weather, not just in Ky or Oh for that matter. So bad that the grass is now a crunchy brown, the fruit trees are looking like it is fall with dried up fruit and withered leaves. The tops of the corn stalks look like pineapple tops, struggling for a drink of water.

So how do we beat the heat? The swimming pool is not refreshing at all anymore, probably close to 90 degrees after all of this heat. Want a nice warm bath, then the pool would work! We considered putting ice in it, but it would take ALOT of ice.

The kids have been filling plastic totes on the porch with cold water from the hose, and making their own hillbilly pool. That is helping to cool them off a bit. (These pics are from a couple years ago, that is why the grass looks green here!)

With no AC in either of our cars, we struggle to even go out and run errands. Praising God for a good AC in the house! I am beating the heat by staying inside. Because of our move we are behind on school, yes I know how can you be behind if you homeschool.. but I feel like we are. We are beating the heat by staying inside and doing some extra school things. Reading, playing guitar, board games, and arts and crafts.

I am seriously considering having a spring break for 2 months rather than a summer break! Spring was gorgeous, great temperatures and perfect for being outside. We hit 100 degrees daily right now and are pretty much forced inside.

Maybe we aren't behind in our homeschool year, maybe we are just getting started early!!



  1. We live in Ky as well and we always start school in July because of the heat and humidity. The kids just don't want to go outside in this weather. So we have about a 5-6 week summer break, start in July and then take a 2-3 week break in September when the much-more-fun fall weather has set in. :)

  2. It is burning hot hear in NC too. My family is all in Ky and my mom has been complaining that all her grass is dying. I hope it cools off soon!

  3. poor things! Hope the humidity isnt bad.