Monday, July 30, 2012

The Flizbins: Cowboys & Bananas

The Flizbins: Cowboys & Bananas

Bridgestone Media
"Great songs, fun dances, and crazy banana showdowns await in Cowboys & Bananas, the second adventure for the musical praise band The Flizbins. First, SuperFin, the greatest Flizbin superhero, saves the day when Hero City's cleaning robot goes haywire. Then, through a wacky and woolly retelling of the story of the lost sheep, Finley and the band discover just how important they are to God, even if they aren't superheroes.

Starring a cool band full of catchy songs and moral messages, The Flizbins is an award-winning children's show that features live action characters and a furry puppet named Finley. From Charity, the purple-clad guitarist with a talent for creating new dances and songs about Jesus, to Tim, the band's bassist with a charming Aussie accent, The Flizbins and their tree fort-dwelling friend present positive role models for youngsters. BMG also carries the first episode, Pirates & Cupcakes."

 "Mom I don't know how they make it so good with the puppets. I don't know if it is a kid in the suit or just a hand one." Son age 10

"I love the music!", Daughter age 7 as she dons her cowgirl hat. They even have them get up off the couch and learn a good ole cowboy dance!

3 short shows so you can keep the attention of the smaller set, but exciting enough for older elementary kids.
Faith based fun, dove approved for all ages.

The Flizbins take a tried and true approach to the retelling of Bible stories and applying them to young children today.. puppets!! I sit here while my young ones watch and hear them laugh! Real actors, and puppets are a combination that even the best animation can not beat!!

I recommend this series for your home library especially if you have young children!
Visit Bridgestone Media to pick up your copy!!

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