Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Mo Green Apparel review & giveaway

Who is Mo' Green?
Mo' is a little stickman doodle who believes in taking small steps toward green living. Nothing drastic to start, just laid back, simple changes.

Mo' has 3 shirt designs for sale, using 100% organic cotton. These shirts are SOFT!! So incredibly comfortable, and super fun to wear!
The inks are even water based and eco friendly, and won't crack and fade over time. 

This shirt washes wonderfully, wears beautifully, and honestly is one of my very favorite t-shirts!! I love that people notice Mo' on the shirt and tell me, hey that is a cool shirt! Living life green without being 'in your face' is the way to go. Little by little helping people realize that they too can make a difference. 

Women's Sizes Small through Large
Men's sizes (or unisex shirt like I have) Small through X-large

By "thinking more and using less" we each can make a difference in the world. "You don't have to be extreme to go green". Are Mo's mottos.

Check out Mo's blog for current Go green ideas! 


Mo' Green on Facebook

Want to win your choice of T-shirt?? Use the Rafflecopter for easy entries. USA Only. Ends July 24

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  1. I love learning new ways to help conserve and waste less. I always need new tee shirts to as I wear them till they fall apart, then turn them into dish rags or cleaning cloths. :-)

  2. Mo' Green Eco-Tree in size large. I would have picked Live life green but I like fitted tees and the tree is cool!

  3. i would choose the live life green shirt in XL
    jenny lloyd

  4. The live life green in large.
    MCantu1019 at aol dot com

  5. I like the eco tree shirt in large. :)

  6. I like the mo green eco tree in small.

  7. The Mo' Green Eco-Tree shirt, probably in large.

  8. Womens Mo' Green Eco-Tree
    in large

    Theresa J

  9. I like Live Life Green in large - - Paul T/Pauline T aka Paul Tran..... emscout9 at Hotmail dot com

  10. i like the women'smo green eco design shirt in xl

  11. I'd like the Mo' Green Eco-Tree shirt in Large.

  12. I like the Mo' Green Eco-Tree in large.

  13. I would choose the Women's Mo' Green Eco-Tree in large.