Friday, July 6, 2012

Lucid-Sun Products Authentic Christian Clothing

Our Tribute to Nature and God! Christian Shirts At Their Finest. John 3:16 

There are numerous Christian T-shirt companies online to meet the demand of wearing our faith on our shirt. Most of the ones I have seen and wear, typically have a saying, a quote from the Bible or some other play on words to showcase our love of Christ. Lucid- Sun Products is different in it's shirt designs. They take the beauty of God's created beings, his precious animals and their diversity and utilize gorgeous prints of them on their t-shirts. Unique in the animals portrayed and in the creativity of the wording on each one. 

We reviewed the Cheetah shirt, which reads "Behold the Beauty of God's Creation". So sleek and beautiful the Cheetah is up on the rock, how can one not believe in God as the creator. Easily can be used for men or women. I chose the Cheetah knowing that it would appeal to my 15 year old, but didn't tell him I had chosen it. As soon as he saw it sitting on my desk he picked it up, slung it over his shoulder and walked off!! So funny. I think he claimed that shirt. I am sure I can borrow it when ever I like, or this may be the only time I get to wear it!

The T-shirt is a fantastic quality. Nice and durable, printed on a Gildan ultra cotton 100% cotton preshrunk T-shirt. The details in the cheetah are very distinct and it looks like you are wearing a piece of art!

Each of these shirts represents another animal that is beautifully portrayed in His kingdom. 
From Butterflies and Prairie Dogs to  Horses and Snowy owls, there is an animal sure to please your style. The animal drawing is the focus of the shirt, drawing admirers in, then a subtle word about God as the creator.

Lucid-Sun Products is a newer company, read a little about them:

The idea of Lucid-Sun Products came about around 2010. I love all nature and the animals that God has provided and can never really get over how much creativity it took to create the beings we see everyday. Look closely at the face of a Cheetah. Truly stunning. Or the silent beauty of the butterfly. Or the personality of your dog. The reason for Lucid-Sun Products is to allow you to express your love of nature while honoring and expressing your appreciation to God who created it.
Christianity is about the sacrifice that Jesus made on the cross to atone for our sins. It is God the Father, the living God, that sent His Son Jesus to die as a sacrifice for these sins. I went about producing a line that would showcase many of the beings we see in nature and to honor our God who created them. I also wanted to include sayings that  put into perspective how striking these creatures are. After much search, God sent a world class artist to me to bring this vision to art. I am amazed at these designs and hope you are too.

I love that!! We can be creative in our designs and what we wear as God continues to provide artists and designers sold out to Him. Lucid Sun is adding more prints to their line up, what do you think will be next??

Lucid-Sun Products is participating in the Summer Fun giveaway. These light colored T-shirts speak of summer and nature for sure. Be sure to stop by July 8 for the T-shirt giveaway!

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What shirt would you choose if you win from Lucid- Sun Products?

I received a product from this company in exchange for an honest review.


  1. The horse one looks really pretty! I also love dolphins, so maybe I would choose that one.

  2. This seems like something my mother in law would really like. Thanks for sharing. Beautiful shirts.

  3. Very beautiful shirts! I know my mom would love the Cheetah one.

  4. I would love the one with the horse on : )
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  5. nice shirt, love the way cheetah customized on it:)

  6. WOW!!! Another Christian armor!!! I’ve got to have one of these before Thanks Giving… Thanks for sharing…

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