Monday, July 2, 2012

The Language of Flowers

Flowers, the Language of Love
Have you ever given thought to flowers and how the receiving of them speaks a special language from the giver. The different flowers offered up in love, each speaking a different emotion. I have been given flowers for Mothers Day and Birthdays, often daisies or carnation, long lasting and enjoyed for much of the birthday week.  Flowers given on Valentines Day are often roses, showing the passion and love of the giver. The exotic flowers showing thought and intrigue on part of the receiver. All of these showing love from the giver. Some of the best gifts from my young children are those dandelions picked in the front yard and brought to me with smiles bright.

There are sad times that flowers can speak the language of love and empathy as well. Sympathy Flowers speak to the family of the lost one, with words that often cannot be adequately expressed. I know when my Mother in Law passed we just were in awe of the flower arrangements, the time spent in ordering those and having them sent to the funeral home. Such thought on behalf of the flower company to utilize those flowers to speak volumes. Beauty and life expressed for the departed in memory. We even place these love emblems on the gravesite as important dates pass and we long to remember.

The next time you think of perhaps sending flowers, go for it. The expression it that giving will not go unnoticed and the receiver will feel the love!

Disclosure: This is a compensated post. All opinions are my own.


  1. We sent flowers on Valentine's Day to a friend of ours who lost her fiance to brain cancer last year. We sent them to her from her dog and it was so rewarding to see how happy they made her!

  2. i usually get flower every 2 week for just the flower i love them and have them all over the place

  3. I always believed that flowers have their own language to convey our emotions and feelings.. And that is why I always prefer to gift flowers online instead of any other gift..