Thursday, July 12, 2012

KerFlip Game Review & Giveaway

KerFlip! Wins Creative Child Magazine’s 2012 Game Of The Year award!

"Great for family game night! KERFLIP is the first word game (which we know of) that allows kids to play competitively with their parents… without handicapping the parents. How is this possible? Typically, kids jump right out and call the first word they see. This puts pressure on Mom and Pop to call longer words before time runs out, just to keep up with the Juniors!"

I did find this to be true when I played with the boys. It seemed to take longer for my brain to make a word! I wasn't as fast as the kids, and then I struggled to find a word. I did not win the game! I did notice that the youngest struggled a bit more than the teens. He ended up losing but that was simply because I think the oldest ones had more of a repertoire of words in their brain.

Geared for ages 8 and up, 2-4 players. You can finish the game in approx 20 minutes.
I felt that there was a learning curve in reading the instructions and learning to play. It took us a couple games to get the hang of it, but once we did we were good to go.

When we first played I felt there were too many things to do all at once; find a word, flip it to orange and turn over your timer. I had a hard time remembering to turn over my timer. Once I watched the Kerflip youtube video I saw that I didn't have to flip them to orange, that was done after scoring! Thankful for the youtube video which gave me a visual of how to play the game!

 I have a hard time with short term memory and times I couldn't even remember the word I played! Thankfully the boys could remember the order. The score keeping was a bit hard because you have to remember the word you put down, and you have to remember if you used white or orange tiles. There isn't really any information in the instructions on how to keep score, or that you will need paper and pencil for doing so. I think perhaps if the group is full of short term memory folks like me, you would write down each word as it was shouted out :)

It challenged your mind for sure, trying to quickly come up with words and at the same time trying to use the lettered tiles with small numbers on them for bonus cards you can add to your score at the end. I love games that are educational as well as fun!

Clean up was super easy as all of the used tiles slide down a ramp into the bottom of the box where there is a cup to collect them.

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  3. We play checkers, card games,monopoly, etc

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