Monday, July 2, 2012

I Love You Better than Chocolate Chip Cookies

I love you Better than Chocolate Chip Cookies by Donalisa Helsey

How much are you loved? This little tiger is loved more than chocolate cookies which are very good. Daddy bear loves his little polar bear more than hot cocoa and hot fire on a cold night. Mama fox loves her little cub more than watermelon is juicy.

Personified animals, sharing love between parent and child in an easy to understand matter for young children. Items that children know about like juicy watermelon, rainbow ice cream, and birthday parties that they personally can relate to loving. The parent loves the young one even more than that.

Encouraging for youngsters to feel the love of a parent with colorful, happy pictures and a clear message.
I love how the author even includes at the end that if the young cub doesn't listen or always obey, they are stilled loved more than chocolate chip cookies. That can often be a question in a little ones mind if they aren't good enough will they still be loved. Donalisa Helsey takes the simplest way of building up a young child's esteem and knowledge of being loved through a fun loving picture book.

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I received a copy of this book from the author to review. She also included a coloring book that is so fun for my young one to color in the same book that I am reading to her!. Stop by Donalisa's website today and get a copy for your special little one.


  1. What a nice review! Thank you so much. I hope your little one liked the book! :)

  2. This seems like an adorable book. Colorful and cute! Children's books are always wonderful when they give a nice message and have a meaning to them. A coloring page is a great idea too.
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