Monday, July 30, 2012

Go Raw! Living Foods

go raw, Pioneers of the finest hand-crafted, certified organic, raw living foods available!

 Want healthy and tasty!! Go Raw is the company you want to be snacking with! Interesting, live foods that if you plant it, it will grow! Now that is living. Some of the snacks you need to develop a taste for I think. I haven't gotten over the curve with just one of the products and that was the Spirulina Energy Bar or the Spirulina Super Chips. We must just not care for the Spirulina. Everything else we taste tested we enjoyed.

The kids really loved the Super Cookies and I felt great about them eating them!
The Flax Snacks were a hit with the whole family, they particularly liked the pizza ones! 
The Live Pumpkin Bar was one of my favorites. I have been working on loosing weight and these snacks were a perfect supplement to my day!
These would be a fantastic addition to the kid's lunchboxes this year! Let's seek to feed our kids healthier lunches rather than all of those processed foods!


100% ORGANIC Certification
Sugar Free
Gluten Free
Soy Free
Nut Free (Nuts don’t sprout!)

More about the Go Raw Company:

Manufacturing Facility:
We have our own Raw- Vegan, gluten-free, wheat free, nut free and dairy
free food manufacturing facility located in beautiful Mountain View, CA.
We do not co-pack and our facility is strictly for Go Raw use only.

X-Ray Machine:
We have implemented an X-Ray machine to scan for any foreign particles
that may have tried to sneak in. We want our final product to be of the
upmost highest quality possible and are taking every precaution to achieve
this. This X-Ray machine has been approved by our Organic Certifiers and
is completely safe.

Washing of the Seeds:
Washing of the seeds is taken very seriously here. Seeds are from the
ground thus very dirty. We want to ensure that they are completely clean,
so we have a special seed washing machine that thoroughly washes them 3
times in purified water.

Sprouting: While all raw foods contain enzymes, sprouts are the most
enzyme dense food on the planet. The most rapid part of growth of a plant
is during its initial stages as a sprout, dehydrating the seeds at this
stage of their cycle preserves this precious state and passes along these
vital enzymes.

Once our seeds have been sorted, washed, and sprouted, we mix in the other
Organic ingredients.

Hand Spread Products:
Products are shown with the utmost respect and carefully spread out onto
trays by hand.

Custom Dehydration System:
We were unable to find a dehydration system that lived up to our standards
so we custom designed our own. Our Dehydration system is fully regulated
and controlled to maintain the proper humidity, temperature and water
activity levels to achieve a superior product. Our Dehydration system
maintains an average temperature of 97 degrees, ensuring that our sprouted
seeds are still alive and well. If you plant them they will grow!

We understand that many people are concerned about the health risks of
agave nectar. We have decided to remove agave from many of our products
including our apple cinnamon cereal, chocolate cereal, and the chocolate
cookies. We have realized that fruit based sweeteners are the healthiest
option, thus we have started implementing them into our recipes instead.
Another change to be noticed is the size of our bars. Previously at 51
ounces each, they were intended as a meal replacement with a higher retail
price point of $2.99. Now at 12-14 grams each and a lower retail price
point of $1.29 consumers won’t hesitate to grab a few.

2012 has already been an incredible year for Go Raw. We have secured our
products into conventional grocery store chains including Kroger’s, and
Safeway’s across the US. Our sales continue to increase significantly, and
with that comes an expansion into a larger, eco-friendly Californian
facility expected to happen in 2013!

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  1. very interesting. I also advocate using organic products, this is surely a must try.

  2. I have got to get more snacks in our house. I'll have to look these up!

  3. How funny I just bought the Spicy Flax Snax at my local health food store! I crunch them up on top of salads! Everything looks great and I will have to look into their other products!

  4. Wow! I hope these start showing up in some stores around here. They sound great and I definitely wanna try some of these! Maybe they would sponsor a giveaway? I know I would come back to enter!

  5. These foods look delish! And I love that they are so healthy, too! :)

  6. Thank you for sharing. I always hear good things about eating raw, but I'm afraid it would be so expensive. The foods you show look awesome though!