Saturday, July 28, 2012

Before Ever After- Samantha Sotto

Before Ever After
Samantha Sotto

Samantha Sotto is an excellent storyweaver!
Max takes his tour group to unusual spots, out of the way of the typical tour route. He tells his tour group about the characters of the past, the memories of those who were at that particular place before them. Samantha Sotto then uses the next chapter to jump back in time to the actual account. We see the story Max has given the tour group, unfold before our eyes. Weaving these characters together in a type of genealogy spread out over hundreds of years. Each story connect to each other, Max beginning at the end with Isabelle. 

This tour group is where Shelley first meets Max, her forever after. Something is different about Max, yet Shelley can’t help but find herself falling in love with him. He promises her now, engraved on her wedding band, as she learns that is all they have. 

Now Max is dead, killed by a bomb and Shelley is struggling to move on. Three years and still the grief is so much a part of her life. A knock at the front door, a man named Paolo with an eerie similarity to Max. He shows her a photo of his grandfather, Nonno- her Max! How can this be when the man standing before her is close to her own age?

Time travel? Science fiction? Wormholes? What is Max’s story?
Those questions keep you turning the page, and unwilling to set down the book! Paolo and Shelley travel to find out what Max’s secret truly is. 

This book is so good I was tempted to turn to the end to find out what happened! Such impatience on my part, but I didn’t. Samantha kept me reading right where I was by keep each story weaved interesting and mysterious in itself. 

Very creative, unique and thorough story!

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