Thursday, July 19, 2012

Battery Operated Candles

Do you love the look of candles, but fear the lighted wick around your small children? I found a company that has battery operated candles that look like they are true burning candles. Don't forsake the ambiance, just switch to battery operated!

What about those Christmas decorations that are plugged in and hanging on your tree or windows? I have read often of fires being started with those type of lights. Battery operated candles has lighted branches, battery operated wreaths, battery LED lights, and more. You can use the these battery powered light strings just as you would those you plug in. String them around to decorate for an array of holidays. They come in red, green, blue, white and a variety of shapes and sizes. 

 I would feel much safer powering up my decorations with batteries than leaving them run on electricity, especially around young children. I tend to get nervous when hanging out electrical decorations outside in the weather, the battery operated lights would be much more efficient. 

I love the look of a candle in each window during the winter months. I haven't done it because of the problem with finding a electrical outlet near each one, and the worry about the children messing with it. With battery operated candles I can safely have a candle in each window and have the same affect with more peace of mind. You can have them on a timer as well so no fussing with them each night.

As we are in the midst of the summer heat it sure if fun to think about decorating for the holidays and using battery operated lighting! 

Disclosure: This was a paid promotion. All opinions are solely my own.

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  1. I love battery operated candles... as a busy mom, I can't worry about the kids getting into them or forgotting to blow out the flames!