Thursday, June 21, 2012

Something Old by Dianne Christner

 Something Old
Dianne Christner

There has been a large writing trend toward more and more Amish fiction. I see new authors in this genre quite frequently and enjoy reading about the Amish people. 
With our recent move to Ky, we moved in the midst of a Mennonite community. I was thrilled to find Dianne Christner's series on Plain City Bridesmaids, a look at Mennonites! As I interact with my new friends in my neighborhood I am blessed to learn more of their ways and their hearts. 

This first book in the series sees Katy Yoder, a conservative Mennonite who works as a housekeeper for an 'outsider' who request her nanny services when the previous nanny quits.  She is exposed to television, dancing and drinking.. all things forbidden in her conservative religion. Her faith is tested as she stands for what she believes. But in that standing is she being too judgmental?

Old flame Jake moves back to town and asks forgiveness from the community to return. Katy has a hard time trusting and forgiving Jake to give him a second chance. Has he really changed? Can Katy find true forgiveness and follow her heart?

I love how Dianne has several characters in the book on different levels of the Mennonite church, from Katy who is very conservative to friends and relatives that go to a more contemporary denomination. Prior to my meeting my contemporary Mennonite neighbors I hadn't realized that there was a variety of traditions that have been altered. 

The characters are well developed and I love watching them change and grow through their relationship in God. Can't wait to start book 2 in the series and for 3 to be released early August!

I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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