Thursday, June 7, 2012

Prize of my Heart Book Review

Prize of My Heart
Lisa Norato

Set in 1815 in Massachusetts, Lisa Norato takes us back to a historical time of shipbuilding, wayfaring and privateers. She has spent a vested amount of time in bringing the day to life in this novel with rich details, fantastic descriptions and emotions of the time past.

Captain Brogan Talvis has been searching for his young son for over 3 years. The son that his wife stole from him and ‘hid’ prior to her own death in a house fire. Bitter, and evil his wife never disclosed where young Benjamin went. Now Captain Brogan is in site of his 6 year old son and must earn his trust to carry out his own plan of stealing him back. Nathanial Huntley,  great shipbuilder came to be the guardian of his son along with his daughter Lorena. Will the Captain be able to slip young Drew (as he is named now) out of their clutches and return to the seas?
Deep in Captain Brogan he is dealing with his own loss of childhood, of being orphaned and unloved. He desires nothing more than to claim his son and make sure the same fate doesn’t befall him. He doesn’t plan to find love again, especially beyond his young son.. but Lorena has something in her that he desires.
Such a lovely novel! I love the seafaring history!. The characters are so well developed and I enjoyed seeing this tough Captain come to terms with his own life and his need for God. I enjoyed seeing the relationship between him and Lorena develop and see his plans change as he set aside selfishness for sacrifice. 

Excellent book!!

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
You can purchase a copy at your local Christian bookstore of find it online at Amazon

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