Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Out of the Box Games Sponsor Review

I love board games and get so excited to find fun yet educational games for the whole family. They have party games, engaging games, young player games. A game for everyone! Put away the video games and get out a great board game for the whole family.

I loved the idea of learning geography through a board game so I chose 10 Days in the Americas for my review game. 

2 of my boys played the first round alone, it was fun to watch them search for the route they needed to take to make their trip complete. The object of the game is to create a 10 day trip where each country is assessable to the one beside it on the individual's tray. The countries can either be next to each other or you would need to travel on a boat or airplane. By trading and exchanging cards you develop your 10 day trip in hops of being the first one done. 

I joined in with them for the next game. Sounded like it would be a piece of cake.. wrong! Just when you think you have a good sequence going you have to switch things around to get to the country at the end of your tray. It was great fun while I played with my 3 teen boys. I didn't win but I sure had fun trying! There were countries in the game I had never heard of and had to locate. Perfect for learning about new countries! I love that there are other 10 days games from Out of the Box, Africa, Europe, Asia and even the USA. A super fun way to learn geography as well as planning and thinking ahead in a game. Definitely takes some skill in decision making, ages 10 to adult. 

The game takes roughly 30 minutes to play, so not as involved as some all day long games. Super for a game night with the family or the middle of the homeschool day. 

You will be able to enter to win this game during the Luck of Liberty Blog Hop beginning July 2nd!


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  1. I have 10 Days in Europe and I love it. My friends were laughing at me because when I showed it to them, I said it was "educational yet fun" and they said I sounded like an ad - but it's true!

  2. looks like a great are learning while they play!

  3. I love educational based games and until this review had never heard of the company. My family moved cross country last year and we've really been working with the children to understand that we aren't a short car-ride away from relatives. The US version looks as though it would be perfect in not only helping them learn geography, but also in comprehending the great states in between. Thank you so much for reviewing a great product!

  4. Love the education learned while having fun at the same time. It will also help me "freshen-up" on my history, as this was not my favorite subject when in school.

  5. It sounds educational and yet fun. I would have to do a lesson on those countries first.