Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Laundry soap safe enough to drink?

 Is it possible to have a laundry soap that is safe enough to drink*?? Sounds preposterous! 
Their detergent creates the 'perfect clean'- cleaning your clothes without dirtying the planet!

Vaska has all you need for your laundry
Spot Remover

Through research they have found a combination of botanical that work safely together to clean fantastically. 

I have been using the unscented in my wash this entire week. My clothes smell great! The unscented actually smells quite wonderful in it's naturalness. No unnecessary wear and tear on my clothes from harsh chemicals and no harmful chemicals left to get on my family's skin after they are dried. I have tried several eco-friendly laundry soaps this year, and I put Vaska right there at the top of the list for quality!

Can I buy it near me?

Not here in KY. It is made in CA and hasn't made it's way here yet. The one big downfall. I will anxiously await it making it's way to a store near me! 
On their facebook page I found a place I can buy it online!!

Visit them on FACEBOOK  or TWITTER
*A note on their website, though it is safe to drink Vaska.. they haven't quite gotten to where it would taste good !!!
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  1. I think that it does not taste good is a great feature. I would hate for the kids to be dipping into my detergent because it taste good, lol. Great review though. I think I will look into them.

  2. SO nice to hear about good, new natural detergents! I will have to look them up cause I live in CA! :)

  3. Oh! Sounds like something I would like to try! For washing my clothes, not drinking. LOL! Thank you for sharing!

  4. This sounds wonderful.....especially with two young children in my home!!

  5. Always great to hear about new, (new to me, at least) and natural products for the home! Thank you!