Saturday, June 23, 2012

Isabella and her Polka Dot Umbrella by Carla Forrest

Isabella and her Polka Dot Umbrella
Carla Forrest
Illustrator Quinne Larsen

Isabella is a busy little girl. Her parents try to run the energy right out of her, and they fail each night. She keeps them on their toes no matter if they take her to gymnastics class, buy her a trampoline or have her walk the dog. She just can't sit still. A gloomy Saturday came and Mommy said "Oh no, this is not okay". Got Isabella all suited up in her rain gear and handed her the polka dot umbrella and sent her out! Sound familiar Moms?? Oh what an imagination Isabella has, using her umbrella for a variety of different props and settings for her fantasies. The magical umbrella changed things right before her eyes.
Isabella spends the day outside thrilled with her adventures!

Written in poetic form we get the fill of Isabella's adventures. A busy girl, with a vivid imagination that takes her to a day filled with fun. This story will have your little ones searching out their umbrella on the next rainy day, to head out for an adventure! I think most of the moms can relate to the Mom and Dad in the story and dealing with a non stop energizer child!

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