Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Fishies DVD review

The Fishies

Faith Based Adventures Under the Sea
Join Mello, Mikey, Max, Rico, Chuckie, and Pierre on their first underwater adventure in this charming new children's series! Mixing animation with live action, The Fishies: A Lesson in Obedience follows Mello and his friends as they venture into the open sea in search of goldfish. When the young fish become prey for a great white shark, however, they quickly realize they should have listened to their mom's warning.

Showing children that they need to obey with joy for true obedience through animation and story telling. They young fish disregard their mom's warning and head out to the search of fish. Mom is upset with Mellow for lying about going out and looking for the goldfish. "Mommy knows best", and only gives Mellow the rules she does for his protection. 

We must obey immediately, completely and with joy are the 3 Christian principles of obedience. The young children discuss this with the story teller in the show. Incorporating not only animation but real children in discussion  helps speak to the viewer on different levels. The animation grabs their attention and seeing younger children learning helps them to realize the message in the story. 

Geared for toddlers and preschoolers. My 4 year old "It was awesome". "The fishies were talking and swimming and they got trapped from a ship and a shark saved them".  
He liked the animation part much better, and paid more attention to that aspect of it. He did realize that the Mom fish was upset with the little fish for lying and not being safe. I think if when we rewatch it we can pull out more of the obedience components and show him those and how they apply to the animation portion. 

I received a copy of this DVD from Bridgestone Media in exchange for an honest review. You can purchase your copy directly from Bridgestone Media

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