Sunday, June 10, 2012

Brome Bird Care Review


Brome Bird Care, located in Knowlton, Quebec, Canada, is home to the Squirrel Buster™ brand of squirrel proof bird feeders.   Lead by its founder, Paul Cote, and supported by an impressive list of patents, Squirrel Buster feeders have come to be recognized as the leaders in the squirrel proof category.  All Squirrel Buster feeders work the same way.  When a squirrel lands on a Squirrel Buster, its weight automatically closes the seed ports, denying access to the seed but not harming the squirrels in any way.

All Brome Bird Care feeders, designed with the planet in mind, are 100% recyclable and certified lead free.  They need never be discarded because of a missing part as spare parts are always available. Maintaining, repairing, preserving and recycling are essential for our future.

 I know I have seen bird feeders hanging in trees with attempts at keeping those squirrels out, just to see a squirrel hanging upside down snacking away on the feed. The Squirrel Buster Classic  is using a natural force of gravity and the weight of the squirrel to keep him from being successful at getting any seed from the feeder. Chew proof also so they won't gnaw at the bars trying to get in to the seed. 
Keeping the large animal out, is going to help bring the birds in!
The unique design attracts a variety of birds like these

Very easy to fill, holds up to 1.4 quarts of seed.

 Brome Bird Care has an instructional video on how the feeder works if you need a bit more help. It was easy to understand without any trouble. They also have some great bird tips on saving seed, where to hang your feeder and how to feed the birds. Helping you to have the best bird watching experience!

You can visit Brome Bird Care online to see not only the Squirrel Blaster Classic but several other styles of bird feeders as well.
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  1. I've seen these before, but have never tried one. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  2. we have some of these type here but not like that i would love to see one i have the average the birds of about 100