Friday, June 8, 2012

Bracelet Mate Review

Have you ever felt like it sure would be nice to go somewhere without having to haul your big purse or handbag around? Knowing that if you just stick your id, money etc in your pocket could mean easily loosing it. Wishing you could just have a small place to put your key, cash and bare necessities for a night on the town? 
Bracelet-Mate is the perfect answer for you! Got a night out on the town, dinner and dancing and don't want to worry about carrying your bag. Canale Originals has created a leather wallet that sits discreetly on the inside of your wrist.
 It is beaded on the handles and looks like a decorative bracelet on the top of your hand. The size of the wallet is 2 1/2" X 3 7/8 long.

 The leather bracelet mate conforms to your wrist just like a pair of leather shoes do, and soon you forget you even have it on. Easy to dance, clap your hands and get your groove on. Still you have your cash right on hand for your favorite soda and chips!

So many places that the bracelet mate just makes sense to wear. Going to the mall with a bunch of children, out to dinner with your spouse, to the movie theater, what about garage sales or an auction. Super times where you don't have to worry about setting your purse down and losing it. Everything you still need right at your finger tips. 

It is best to put in the flat things first like your id and credit card then add your cash. Put your key or a stick of gum toward the front of the wallet so there is less edges pushing on your wrist. 

Visit Canale originals on FB and enter to win a Bracelet-Mate

While you are there be sure and like their page! FB Consider adding Bracelet Mate to your next shopping list! They are very handy and you will be glad you did one you are purse free!

I received a bracelet mate in exchange for an honest review. 

 Check out their other great products online at Canale Originals.

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