Friday, May 11, 2012

Watch & Talk DVD series

As a homeschool Mom of 6 in a range of ages, I struggle with finding material for family devotions that is going to be relevant to all of my kids. When we got this Watch & Talk volume 3 dvd in the mail from Bridgestone I thought I would try it out for our morning devotions. There is a short video, that takes verses in the Bible and makes them relevant for a kid today. There are 5 different lessons on this DVD. We finished it up this morning with Snow and Snakes. It is based on the principle in Matthew that if a son asks for bread his father will not give him a rock, for something to drink he gives him a snake. Our heavenly father loves us even more than our earthly father and even our earthly father does not seek to do us harm.
The video is approx 10 minutes long, just enough to capture the attention of the kids. After the video we read the scripture reference and then talk about it. A study guide with the DVD provides sample questions to ask. I love that the questions vary in depth, so I can ask my youngest the simpler questions and ask for more depth from my teens. They remind me to do family devotions in the morning with this series! They have already asked me to order Vol 1 and 2 so we can continue with this. It really is a great way to get the kids thinking about scripture and realizing it does apply to them, today, right where they are at.
Rebeccas St. James, does a fantastic job at narrating the devotions.

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