Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Theft of Swords- Michael J. Sullivan

Children's Book Week

I like to lump teens in with Children as we really don't read many 'teen' books around here. My children tend to make the move from kids books to adult books. This review is about a fantastic new series by Michael J. Sullivan that has captivated both  my 15 and 16 year old sons. They have been unable to put them down, being mesmerized by the story. I asked my 15 year old to write a review for me for the first book in the series, which is actually 2 books originally, Theft of Swords. I personally have never seen my 15 year old devour a book series like he has this one. He does enjoy reading and especially enjoys the mystical and fantasy books. Huge kuddos to Mr. Sullivan for a riveting series!

Guest Post by Montana age 15

Theft of Swords
Michael J. Sullivan

Theft of Swords takes place in the mysterious world of Elan. Royce was an orphan who grew up as a thief in Ratibor.
Hadrian is a mercenary who has been in hundreds of battles and wars. He fights for anyone who pays him. Not exactly loyal to anyone.
Hardrian and Royce work together in a secret agency called Riyria. Their assignment is to steal a sword from a castle. It turns out to be a huge plot where they get framed for the murder of the King of Melengar. Princess Arista thinks it is a plot to kill the entire royal family. She frees Hadrian and Royce and hires them to kidnap her brother Prince Alric, so that he won’t be killed. She instructs them to take Prince Alric to an ancient prison built to hold a powerful wizard Esrahaddon who was put there 900 year ago and still there. It is a magical prison that stops the flow of time. Arista has been secretly going there to learn the lost art of the magic through Esrahaddon’s teachings.
After talking to the wizard Hadrian and Royce realize they are trapped along with the Prince in the prison. Knowing  that the prison guards are not going to release them, they agree to help the wizard escape.  Prince Alric now as the King has the authority to order the prison to release the wizard.
After the release they go their separate ways.
Hadrian ,Royce ,and Alric go to the Pickerings a noble family. Together they form an armada to storm the castle and de-throne Uncle Braga who has taken over power.

In the second half of Theft of Swords (originally published as 2 separate books), Riyria is hired by a poor farm girl from Dahlgren to get a magical sword out of the lair , located in the elvin tower, of the dragon like creature, Gilarabrywn. Gilarabrywn , made by elves 900 years ago was trapped in an elvin tower. The spell that was holding it dimished so it was able to escape. Now Gilarabrywn is killing the towns people. The magical sword in the lair, is what is needed to defeat Gilarabrywn.

My Thoughts:
Michael J. Sullivan writes “The idea is to make the story pop off the page and make the writing disappear. Neither awkward prose nor eloquent phrases should distract the reader from immersion in the action and the world unfolding before them. The result, I have discovered- much to my delight- is a book that reads like a movie in the reader’s mind. This then is the ‘light-hand’ approach that some have read about on my website.”

He accomplishes this beautifully. Compared to other books I have read with bulky, awkward sentences, this book flows smoothly and instead of seeing words and sentences, I just see it happening in my mind. Through the whole book it never got dull and always held my attention. One of the best series I have ever read, maybe even THEE best!


  1. What a wonderful review! I'm honored by your praise and glad you have enjoyed the series.

  2. I love a book that gives a clear picture in your mind of what's happening, but isn't forced. This sounds like a great book.

  3. I love books like this that are easy to picture. It sounds so exciting too!

  4. I am so happy I came across your blog post! I work in the Children's Dept of my local library and I had not seen this series. I also have a 15 yr old son so I definitely will be looking for the first book. Thank you you for sharing it!

    The idea that it creates scenes in your mind is exactly what young readers need to help them expand their ability to comprehend what they read. I look forward to reading and sharing this series with my young patrons.

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