Sunday, May 27, 2012

Seeing Symmetry By Loreen Leedy

Symmetry is all around us! Lorren Leedy shows symmetry's basics in this colorful picture book. Beginning with the basic line of symmetry she shows that items divided down the middle have a mirror image on each side.  

Many animals like humans are symmetrical in their makeup.
 A Line of symmetry can be vertical or horizontal. Much of the alphabet and even words like MOM and BOX are symmetrical.
She introduces rotational symmetry with propellers and wheels. 

Found in artwork from long ago including portraits, patterns, furniture and buildings we have continued to utilize symmetry. Super picture book explaining the basic principle of symmetry to children in a fun and exciting way! 

Includes activities in the back of the book to reinforce learning. My children loved looking at each picture and drawing the imaginary line of symmetry and then looking around their own surroundings for similar things. I think this was a great way to share a concept that is exciting but can get dulled down a bit in math books. Teaching them via a picture book is an awesome way to get it ingrained in their mind!

I received this book from the publisher Holiday House Book in exchange for an honest opinion. 

You can purchase at AMAZON.

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  1. looks like a great book , my kids would love to learn about symmetry through games and fun activities, I wish we have more books which would explain serious matter on the level that easy to understand for kids