Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Raising your kids to love the Lord by Dave Stone, review & giveaway

Raising Your Kids to Love the Lord
Dave Stone

There is no magical wand, nor any specific parenting regime to follow to raise your kids right. There are fantastic guides though and thoughtful mentors who have been there and have gained wisdom from the experience. Dave Stone is one of them, pastor to Southeast Christian Church in Louisville KY, father of 3 children who love the Lord. He offers his experience and advice in this book. 
“Your faith must be both a noun and a verb. It can’t be all talk. It’s who you are and how you conduct yourself, consistently, daily. It’s how your actions grow out of your identity in Christ.”
You need firstly to be consistent in your own walk with the Lord. Don’t just be a Sunday Christian, being a walking hypocrite the rest of the week, your children see that and will follow suit. 
Get into the Word, the only book that is going to provide the wisdom you need to pray for and cover your children in this world.  Let your children see you in the Word. 
Pray for your children, that their walk with the Lord will grow and be fulfilling. Pray for their present as well as their future. Pray together, letting your children into your prayer life, modeling a dynamic relationship with the creator. 
Consistency is the key. “God is the very essence of consistency”.
Ideas for discipline, teaching, correcting and modeling the Christian walk are all in this book. No sure fire plan, no detailed listing of what to do when, simply a father and a pastor reaching out to suggest Godly principles with consistency that will make a difference in how you parent. 
Fantastic and thorough look at parenting and raising your children to love the Lord. 
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