Thursday, May 3, 2012

Need You Now book Review

Need You Now
Beth Wiseman

Best known for her Amish fiction, Beth Wiseman ventures into a relevant contemporary novel that will touch your heart.
Brad and Darlene, high school sweethearts have been married for over 15 years, and raising 3 kids. The big city Texas life is starting to interfere in the way they want to raise their children so they move to 1.5 hours away to Darlene’s  Grandparents house in the country. It is need of much work, but the changes for the kids is necessary. Oldest son Chad was running with the wrong crowd, Grace had just broken up with a boyfriend, and youngest Ansley seems to show some borderline autistic traits.
I loved how the book started with a snake.. I thought how fitting it is that the devil is thought to be a snake or serpent and comes to kill, steal and destroy. That was very symbolic in this book where the family was tested when they started letting their guard down and communing less with God. The devil weaseled his way into Darlene’s life, convincing her she needed a job to feel whole. It left a division between Darlene and Brad that allowed for hurt and betrayal to enter in. All the while Grace, the ‘perfect’ child was dealing with serious issues of cutting.
As a wife married to my high school sweetie, this really hit home. It helped me to realize we can’t let our guard down, that we need to stay in fellowship with God and each other. To cover our children in prayer and communicate with them. Nothing is more important than God and our family.
I am not a big crier in books, but this one made me cry. I think every married couple will get some encouragement from this book and a renewed desire to fight for what God has put together.
I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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