Monday, May 21, 2012

Here's Lily by Nancy Rue review & giveaway

  Lily Robbins is a tall, red headed, 6th grader, who wishes she was more perfect. When Kathleen comes to the middle school to teach the girls about skin and haircare, she notices the model potential in Lily. Kathleen asks Lily to check with her parents if they may allow her to participate in the next round of modeling classes at Rutledge Agency. With reluctance her parents agree and Lily, along with other selected from surrounding schools join together in learning about modeling. Lily learns to be more self confident, or God-confident as Kathleen likes to say. 
That God confidence is put to the test when a serious accident affects Lily's family and she must lean on God and her faith to get through. 
Lily is a witty and charming young lady, dealing with typical middle school trials. Boys who tease and sneer, brothers who bug and bother, parents that don't always get it. 
Sure to resonate with every middle school girl, this series gently reminds young ladies of their need of God's loving care. Geared for ages 7-11.
I am excited to see what new adventure Nancy Rue takes Lily on!
I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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  1. I always remind them that how you treat others is how people are really going to see you. Then, I ask them, have you ever gotten to know someone who you thought was so beautiful, and once you got to know them, they weren't so beautiful anymore? Then, you meet someone who is average looking and you find out what a wonderful person they are and how beautiful that person becomes to you? I would never want any of my grandchildren to try to get by on their looks alone.

  2. I teach the girls at church that pretty is as pretty does. Someone might look really pretty and then they open their mouth and suddenly they are not so. I ask them do they want to be like that?

  3. I try to teach my daughter about being nice and developing empathy.

  4. Just let them know the same thing my mom taught me from her mom... Pretty is what pretty does
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  5. I try to teach my daughter that beauty comes from the inside

  6. I try to help my students see beyond appearances by thinking about what other people see and feel. I especially like to use multicultural literature for this.

  7. I try to teach her (and lead by example) that true beauty is being kind, caring and compassionate...

  8. I remind my daughter that we are to be nice, respectable and sensitive to others needs. crystal allen

  9. My daughter is told how gorgeous she is all the time, she was the only Granddaughter on both sides:) I remind her that true beauty comes from within and to respect herself and others. Thanks for the giveaway!