Monday, May 14, 2012

Farmers' Help Forage Cake & Kibble

C&S Products' Resolve Sustainable Solutions offers unique and interrelated products to fulfill the needs of backyard hobbyists, sustainable agriculturists, alternative livestock managers, private aviculturists, and professional zooculturists.
All products are formulated and designed to provide the following:
  • A diet that is nutritionally balanced.
  • A diet that stimulates natural feeding behaviors.
  • A diet that the animal consistently consumes.
  • A diet that is also practical and economical to feed.

Due to our living right by a river, with many predators around, we are not able to free range our chickens. I would love to have them run around the yard, searching for the healthiest greens they can find, but it isn't the best answer for their survivability. I love that Farmers' Helper realizes that and offers products that bring the free range concept in to the birds. We can supplement their diet of corn and laying mash with forage cakes and other goodies from Farmers' Helper, and the best thing is that they sell their products at our local Tractor Supply Store!

Did they like the feed? Are you kidding, chickens are serious pigs!! They loved it. We separated the smaller bantams from the bigger chickens so that they could have the special treat first.
Feeding your chickens top quality feeds will give you this result.

For those new to raising animals they have great links in their education tab on the website

Visit their website for ingredients and other great quality products for birds!

 They are on Facebook so go like their page for all they do for the great bird population!

 I received product for review from Farmers Helper in exchange for an honest review.


  1. wow! That is a wonderful amount of eggs! I want chickens so bad.

  2. Oh my, we so much need it! When is it going to be the main stream, not an exception?! Love this post, Melanie!

  3. Awesome! I hope to get a chicken coop started some day, so this was very helpful!
    Becca - the ABC kidZ

  4. Beautiful eggs! I miss living in the country. I live in the middle of a very busy metropolitan area so no chickens here. :o(

    Some day though...

    Great post! Very informative links!

  5. Great to know this option is out there! Hoping to start our own coop in the next year!

  6. Would love to live on a farm with chickens and my own eggs but not an option at the moment. Thanks for the info.

  7. Hey, that child is so sweet, little princess :)

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  8. Love free range eggs! Great information. Thank you.

  9. I want to get a chicken one day & if they can't be free range I will try this!