Thursday, June 21, 2012

EcoStinger Sun Protection Clothing

EcoStinger designs and produces sun clothing, UV protection swimwear, stinger swim suits also called dive skins, and full body swimsuit coverup for women, men and kids.

Fabric is made in Italy and verified to provide UVA and UVB protection blocking >97.5% of the sun ultraviolet radiation, also help protecting skin against jellyfish stingers and sea lice ; 

Fabric is soft, light weight, chlorine resistance and more durable then Lycra, Spandex, Nylon, Elastane or Polyamide. EcoStinger sun products are suitable for swimming, sailing, diving, snorkeling, surfing, and all sea and pool water activities. 

 EcoStinger® sun protective clothing and sun protection swimsuit coverups offer the highest sunblock protection using the best sun protective clothing fabric available worldwide.

That is the great ins and outs of Sun Protection Clothing- EcoStinger and you can read more on their website about the protective nature of their fabric and clothing. My reason for wanting to try Eco Stinger sun protection clothing was 2 fold. 1. My daughter has a skin condition called Vitiligo where much of her body does not have pigment, and burns very easily in the sun. 2. Modesty is of utmost importance to me when it comes to swim wear and most of what the shopping centers offer, in my opinion don't meet my high standards.

My 7 year old daughter loves to be outside in the sun so avoiding it with her skin condition is not an option. Trying to find soft, comfortable, eye catching clothing is difficult for her in the summer months, let alone anything that can easily get wet. This type of swimming suit was about as modest, and skin covering as we could find locally.

All it really covers is her torso, even exposing much of her back. She in all honesty wasn't even comfortable having a picture taken with it as she is quite modest herself.
Compare that covering of lycra that isn't protective against the sun to EcoStinger's Girls Sunsuit.

 Her first reaction to her Swim suit was "Mommy I like this better than a swimming suit!" "It is more comfortable and I don't have to worry about the straps falling down and it is covers more of my skin so I don't burn so easily".
 Look how much more of her skin is being protected from the harmful rays of the sun! There is no treatment or chemicals added to the fabric. It is the way the fabric is tightly knitted that blocks out the UVA and UVB rays. Sun Protective Swimwear- EcoStinger works fantastic for my fair skinned daughter.
She will still need sunscreen but only on about 1/2 of what she would have with the basic swimsuit. Even with sunscreen Vitiligo can be tricky to keep from burning as it needs to be reapplied often and well.

She has such flexibility to play and swim with this Eco Stinger suit. No tugging and pulling at the suit as she runs and plays and that is a huge plus! Quick drying and breathable so she isn't sweating in the sun either.

I personally think the suit is classy and stylish. The Navy Mystic and Blue Laguna is a great color combination. They also carry a Black and Lime Brasil sunsuit for girls.

The Girls Sunhat offers extra protection on her face and neck as well.When the sun was out bright and shining she did wear it and it was light and comfortable for her. Giving just enough coverage on her face. A baseball hat is going to be much heavier and not breathable causing your head to get hot. Not this hat, it is stylish and matches the sunsuit perfectly!

The best thing is she LOVES it! She loves the style and color (though she wished there was pink of course). No problem convincing her to put it on and try it out for our trip to the river. She will be wearing it when our town pool opens as well. The high chlorine resistance in the fabric will be of utmost help at the community pool.

 I was very pleased not only with the style and quality of the products at EcoStinger but with their pricing as well. The Sunsuit for girls is $43.90. Incredibly reasonable for such a great quality, sunsuit that is going to protect your young one more from the suns harmful rays! The Sun Hat for kids is  $14.90 and complements the suit wonderfully at a fantastic price!

I have never been so pleased with the sun protection that my daughter is getting in the summer as she is this year with EcoStinger! I received product from Eco Stinger and all of my opinions are completely my own after trying this product.

I have recently become an affiliate with Eco Stinger as I believe strongly in their products. A Year of Jubilee Reviews is very adamant about choosing only affiliates that are premier products! 


  1. Oh,that's awesome! I bet my daughter would love to wear one of those - especially when water ski-ing, boating, or surfing. That looks super comfortable!

  2. Nice! We live in Las Vegas so sun protection is super important year round for us. I much prefer buying clothing that covers rather than sun screen. It's cheaper in the long run and offers better protection. I'll have to look in to these.

  3. I have never heard of this type of clothing. It looks pretty comfortable and I don't think my daughter would mind wearing it at all during the summer vs sun screen. Thanks for sharing this post!

  4. I would love those for my kids! We live in MN, and with all of the lakes we spend a lot of time by the water. I hate using sunscreen with the gross film and questionable ingredients.

  5. Awesome suits! I love these!

  6. I am so happy I found this review! I have a 15 month old son who is very pale. This will be the first summer he will be out in the sun with some freedom. I am looking for good sunscreen and protective clothing. Thank you for the awesome review and I will certainly look into their products.

  7. We just opened our pool and I'm looking for UPF clothing for the kids. Thanks for sharing!

  8. This sounds like a great way to offer some extra protection from the sun. Would be great for at the lake!

  9. This would be great for a possible trip to Hawaii we are planning. Thank you so much for sharing about it!

  10. What a great review. The suit looks very comfortable!

  11. My daughter's not modest, she keeps asking for a 2 piece but I think 6 is too young for that personally. I honestly think all swimsuits should look like the one you reviewed, why do we need to have it look like underwear?

    I think sun protection clothing is the greatest invention too!

  12. I love this swimsuit! It's so cold around where we live that the itty bitty swimsuits means I have to keep my daughter well wrapped but in this sunsuit, it would allow her to retain more body heat with more material! I love it! Too bad there's no giveaway for this, I would have loved the chance to win one too!

  13. How awesome is that?! A's swimsuit has holes in it and we only used it last year! Definitely hope you get a chance to give one away because we could definitely use the chance to win a new one!

  14. Thanks for sharing about the EcoStinger swimsuits! Your article can be really helpful for mums who are looking for comfortable, stylish, and modest swimwear for their little ones. Keep up the good work!

  15. I'm impressed with the style of the clothing, but more importantly I'm impressed with the sun protection. I am one who burns through my clothing. I wear the strongest sunscreen I can find and limit my time in the sun. Unfortunately two of my grandchildren are very fair and it limits their time as well. Now I can protect them at the water park and let them spend more time having fun. Thanks for the review.

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