Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Eco Vessel Sponsor Review

Sponsor for Fun in the Sun Blog Hop June 3-9

 Eco Vessel is based in Boulder, Colorado at the base of the Rocky Mountains. Dedicated to developing products from safe, sturdy, sustainable materials while offering innovation and practicality. Our complete product line provides options for both children and adults with all of these in mind.  You can feel secure knowing that our 100% recyclable, BPA Free products are made of high quality, non-leaching materials and are designed for your safety, ease of use and convenience. Using plastic water bottles is expensive, wasteful and unnecessary. Sadly, more than 80% of these bottles are not even recycled but simply thrown away, which creates more than a million tons of waste each year.

 Eco Vessel has a great line up of quality water bottles from single walled stainless steel to insulated ones. They also carry filtration water bottles so if you are on the move in the mountains you can always have clean, safe water. The children's water bottles are adorable and very durable and sized perfectly for little ones!
Keeps your water nice and cold. I love the screw on lid with the nice spout for ease of drinking without having it dribble all over your chin!

I typically have to fight for possession of my water bottle, but the bug one belongs to the 4 year old and he takes it everywhere! I love how it encourages him to drink water that he never did before he had his very own water bottle.

If you have be a faithful reader of my blog you know I love recognizing when a company 'gives back'.
Eco Vessel does just that in their Water for People mission. Water For People is an international nonprofit that is investing in communities around the world so that Everyone – every family, every school, every clinic – has safe water and sanitation, forever. Eco Vessel donates a portion of all their sales to Water for People.  

I am super excited to have Eco Vessel sponsor The Fun in the Sun Blog Hop June 3-9. Be sure to check back for the giveaway then! In the meantime check out Eco Vessel's website and get your water bottles for this hot summer heat!


I received products from Eco Vessel in exchange for an honest review.


  1. that filteration system is great for going camping and hiking great idea

  2. I love the design of the water bottles .They look great for encouraging anyone to drink water .

  3. I love these. i definitely have to have one.

  4. I love the variety of looks and colors these come in. Very cute.
    Tracy Awalt Juliano

  5. These look like they are great for kids. I like the characters on them.

  6. such a net product!
    Lisa Hackney

  7. these would be easy to carry on a hot day

  8. Great review. They sound like wonderful products. How awesome that the company gives back!


  10. I would love to have one of these! I'm known for carrying a drink around with me!