Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Darkly Hidden Truth- Donna Fletcher Crow


Felicity can’t possibly help Father Antony find the valuable missing icon. She’s off to become a nun. Then her impossible mother turns up unexpectedly. And a good friend turns up murdered…
Breathtaking chase scenes, mystical worship services, dashes through remote waterlogged landscapes keep the pages turning. Felicity learns the wisdom of holy women from today and ages past and Antony explores the arcane rites of the Knights Hospitaller. But what good will any of that do them if Felicity can’t save Antony’s life?

I love a good mystery and put it in a monastery and historic churches in London, makes it all the more fun and suspenseful! Felicity is a rather impulsive girl who has now decided to become a nun. Once her mind is made up she plunges headlong into her adventure. Just as she is ready to depart for a retreat time to see if she indeed would like to become a nun, her estranged mother shows up, hoping for a relationship with Felicity. In addition a very special relic of the church comes up missing. Felicity's good friend Father Anthony wants her to help find it, but she is torn between him and the call she feels she has, or does she? Just when 'father' Anthony is considering not becoming a father as he learns he cares more for Felicity than he lets on.  

This novel is fast paced and steeped in rich history of the Catholic church. I love how she weaves historical fiction into the plot of a modern day time. It reads as a contemporary novel, but pulls you into the past as well. My very favorite kind of read. 

This was the 2nd in the series. I had not read the first, and honestly I didn't need to in order to know exactly what was going on in this novel. I want to read it now, after finishing this one because it was a great read!

Thanks to Pump up your books for giving me a copy of this book to review for Donna's book tour. 


  1. Melanie, thank you for the great review and for the opportunity to meet your readers. I'm so glad you like Felicity, she's so much fun to work with even when she's at her most frustrating. I think much of the fun of this series will be growing Felicity up.

  2. Sounds the perfect novel for me to enjoy!