Friday, May 4, 2012

Awesome Science- Grand Canyon

Awesome Science
Explore the Grand Canyon
With Noah Justice 

This Awesome Science series is designed to make science fun and prove how the Bible is completely accurate. Taking a look at fantastic places in creation, the DVD points out how God the creator made it and how it wasn’t over millions of years.
My children have learned that when a documentary starts with ‘millions of years ago’, that they start saying BLAH, BLAH and cover their ears!! How nice to have a series where they don’t have to do that, but instead are fed the TRUTH of God’s word!
Kids learn how the canyon was formed during the global flood of Noah’s time. The evidence through the 40 layers of the Canyon help scientist to learn about the animals and plants of the time.
Noah Justice is a fun loving kid, able to relate to elementary age children. My teen’s thought the show was a little too basic, so it is definitely geared toward the younger set.
Not only do they visit the Grand Canyon but also Glenn Canyon Dam to learn about cavitation, a process where high velocity and high water pressure can erode through concrete and hard rock in seconds.
The study guide that accompanies the DVD includes word lists, key concepts, Fill in the blank section, true and false section, a Biblical study guide and more.
Easily watched in one sitting though you will probably want to replay it again after you have worked some through the study guide. The guide will take a little while to finish, though you can pick and choose which concepts you utilize based on the age of your children. 

You can get a copy of this DVD from Amazon or New Leaf Press

I received a copy of the from New Leaf Press in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this, I'm always interested in books that involve God and give him credit for his creation! I have family in AZ close to the Grand Canyon, I'd love have my daughter see this then be able to visit the Grand Canyon:) Thanks for sharing!