Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Adventures of the Muffin Kids review & giveaway

The Adventures of the Muffin Kids
Story by Sharon Miller
Illustrated by Karon Miller

Meet the Muffin Kids from the village of Muffin Pride. Captain Bran Muffin, Bibeth Blueberry Muffin, Rissa Raspberry Muffin and Ally Applesauce Muffin.
They run into Benny Bunny whose father is very sick and they offer their help. They ask a scientist in the woods to help find a cure and with their help whips up a brew to send home to Benny's father. Unfortunately  it didn't work and the Bunny family is quickly depleting their resources.
The Muffin Kids ask their father if they can sell "Wilderness Kids Camp Fires Sticks" at the local store to help raise money for the Bunny family. 
From the love in their heart, the Muffin Kids were making a difference. 

Proceeds from this first book about the Muffin Kids is going to a group that helps families of people with Huntington's Disease. The next books in the series will also support organizations such as this. Your purchase will have a purpose.

Fitting that May is Huntington's Disease Awareness Month and you can read here how you can make a difference http://deshalamar.org/HD.html

A moving story with a message of hope in working together.  Learn more about the Muffin Kids at http://www.themuffinkids.com/aboutus.html 
You can buy it Here 

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