Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thymeless Bath & Oils Review

Thymeless Bath & Oils

Prior to my move to KY I used to be an avid soap maker. I would utilize the natural goat milk that our farm produced and incorporate wholesome oils into the mix. I have been out of that for a few months now and been searching for great soap companies trying to make their mark!

Thymeless has a great line up of products to choose from in their online store.

Their cold process soap, which does make a harder, longer lasting bar, includes shea butter, as well as a combo of natural oils. No animal fats in this soap. They use both Essential oils for those who want a completely natural bar, and fragrance oils for the powerhouse scents.
$5 per 4 oz bar isn’t too bad, I typically ran it at $1 per ounce but that was a while ago too and I didn’t have quite the selection of scents that Thymeless carries. 

The Linen spray is a great addition to the lineup of soaps. Just a spritz and you have nice, fresh smelling linens like you stepped into a bed and breakfast. 

The shea butter lotion is smooth and creamy. Great long lasting scent with the fragrance oils. $10 for 8 oz is a great price, and has a mild preservative in it rather than the harsh ones many lotions carry. 

If you enjoy the strong scents in a perfume you will want to try the roll on perfume in a variety of scents. Long lasting and very easy to use and carry the roll on in your purse. .3oz for $10. You control how much you use so this bottle will last you longer than the spritz perfumes. 

You can easily coordinate your scents to make a gift basket for yourself or Mom on Mother’s Day coming up with the soaps, lotions and perfume sets! So many scents to choose from you may need to get a few different ones!

Quality products made with nature in mind!!

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  1. I love that they aren't made with animal fat! The seem like a nice product to have.

  2. I have always wanted to make soap...but it looks like it takes a lot of time and ingredients, so it's not just something you can whip together once, but an investment in supplies, etc. I love using natural "homemade" soap!!!!

  3. I love linen sprays... As you stated, they are great for freshening beds, especially a guest room, with a bed & breakfast feel.