Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sparkling Ice Review & Giveaway

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TalkingRainBeverage Company is located east of Seattle, at Preston, Washington, in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains.
Our Company has been dedicated to producing refreshing beverages for over twenty five years. We pride ourselves on creating beverage products of exceptional quality and value for you and your family.
The source water for products produced in Preston is from our own deep, pristine, Artesian Spring originating in the Cascade Mountains. Other sources of our production are carefully selected to provide the lowest carbon footprint and the highest quality.

 I have a desire to give up Soda Pop, and I know that many others are struggling with the same thing. The high amount of calories in pop as well as all of the artificial colors and flavors is creating an unhealthy habit in my life. I was very excited to try the Naturally Flavored Sparking Mountain Spring Water. What helps me in giving up my pop addiction is to replace it with something that is carbonated as well. The Sparkling Ice is very flavorful! Super bubbles and flavor made it a winner in our family. The other thing I love about it is it does not have aspartame which is the main ingredient I am trying to get away from in giving up Diet pop. It does have Splenda, which is still not my first choice, but perhaps the lesser of 2 evils? For every once in awhile when I need a carbonated drink the Sparkling Ice hits the spot. 
I love that I can readily find it in my small town at Walmart! The ease of coming by it makes is so nice and you can buy just one bottle. So rather than picking up a Diet pop at the checkout, I can pick up a Sparkling Ice when I am in that row to save for the car ride home, helping me to feel like I am not giving up my special drink, but replacing it with something healthier. 
One of A Year of Jubilee Reviews readers can win an 8 bottle assortment of Sparkling Ice!! Just in time for the heat of the summer too!!
Follow the Rafflecopter for Entries, and let your friends know. Open April 30- May 10 USA only.
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  1. I would like to try the lemonade !!

  2. Black Raspberry and Lemon Lime. Both look delicious.

  3. I'd like to try orange mango.
    Jennifer Rote
    wildnmild4u at yahoo dot com

  4. I'd like to try coconut pineapple.

  5. I would like to try Black Raspberry. thanks
    carolwegs at gmail dot com

  6. I would like to try the Lemon Lime

  7. I would like to try kiwi strawberry


  8. I'd love to try the lemon lime!

  9. I would love to try the Orange Mango flavor

  10. Coconut Pineapple - (Paul T / Pauline T…pls use emscout9 at hotmail dot com instead of gmail to contact me)

  11. i would love to try their pink grapefruit

  12. Black raspberry or kiwi strawberry.

  13. black raspberry


  14. Es pretty good stuff. Muy bueno mi amigos!