Sunday, April 15, 2012

Soap Garden LLC Review

Making soap is an art. I have made soap over the years and truly it involves chemistry and artistry to make just the right bar. Denise from Soap Garden goes beyond in the artistry component and makes absolutely beautiful soaps. "I use only the finest natural butters, oils, and herbs in my products. My soaps are all handcrafted and designed be me. All my soaps are detergent and sulfate free", says Denise. " No animal fats are used in our handcrafted glycerin soaps. Our products are made in small batches so we always have the freshest stock on hand. This also insures our bars are the most fragrant and most moisturizing they can be."

Denise had me choose 2 bars to review, that was a seriously hard decision, they all are so beautiful!!
And if Denise is anything like me, she doesn't want you to buy the soaps to just sit on the counter and never use. They are beautiful yes, but also moisturizing and pampering!
I chose not only for the scent but for the uniqueness of the bar,

Lavender Fields Soap with Jajabo Beads

Lavender makes me think of spring and the newness. Loved the scent of this bar and the richness of the moisturizers in it. Cleansing and moisturizing this was my favorite bar of the 2.

Applejack Peel Soap - All Natural Glycerin Soap- Handcrafted Soap


I have made Apple Jack and spice scented lotion bars and lip balms before, and it is by far one of my favorite scents available! This soap is completely glycerin which is still a fresh clean but not as moisturizing as the bars with added oils in it.

Denise's pictures are much better than mine, take a look at some of these photos from her etsy site!

I would be seriously tempted to just sit these in a dish and look at their beauty for awhile prior to using them! The great thing is you can use one and buy one for the counter! Seriously reasonable in price they run between $5-$6 per bar. 

Visit Denise and Soap Gardens at!/soapgardenllc

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  1. Think she is willing to work with another reviewer? *wiggle eyebrow* These are gorgeous!