Monday, April 2, 2012

Scents & Sprays Review

Huge selection of Candles, Spray, Diffusers and More!

Shop by scent, room , season, fragrance or brand of candle. Hundreds to choose from! Every scent you can imagine at the click of your mouse! I chose a spring type of candle to review.

Enfleurage: Jasmine, Lily, Rose

Archipelago Candles


Superb packaging this candle came wrapped in a bubble wrap, encased by recycled peanuts. Secure and safely arrived to my doorstep. No worries about ordering candles from them online as they do a great job packaging. With all the great packaging I actually couldn’t even smell the candle through the box!

A beautiful tall, stellar candle with an olive green coloring. It was not an overwhelming floral, but just enough for my large living area. It contains over 50% soy and I didn’t notice any soot burning from the candle as you do with all paraffin candles. It though is not as pure as all soy. 

I love how Scents and Sprays carries such a variety of candles and you can find anything you have seen or heard about other places. Customer service is available to help you choose the perfect candle for your occasion. 

Be sure to visit them online and choose your next candle or spray with them

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I received a candle as show above in exchange for an honest review.


  1. Pretty! I especially like that it's not paraffin. ;)

  2. I am a HUGE candle lover! Now, I have another hook up! Thanks! ;)