Monday, April 16, 2012

Montezuma Intrique- Linda Weaver Clarke

Montezuma Intrigue

Linda Weaver Clarke

Adventure finds the Evans family once again in this 3rd book of the series, but this time the girls are the ones to discover the awaiting quest. While rummaging through the attic, in an old wooden chest (that father John didn’t want them to rummage in, mind you) they find old family treasures of their great grandparents. Letters, journal, clothing and a map. Looks like a pirate treasure map, but neighbor Matthew informs them it is a map of Montezuma’s treasure. How did they get the map and is it really going to lead them to a treasure?

John, the worrier in the family and rightfully so with 3 daughters and a reporter wife, isn’t too keen on the adventure but gives in as a family trip.. together. Julia’s father is going to come with them on the camping trip. He shares a much more valuable treasure than anything you can find in a cave, family legacy!

Devollyn, treasure seeker and nemesis of Julia’s finds out about the map and sends his young foreman to uncover the secrets and steel them map for him. Machiavelli works his way into the family via one of the twin daughters, not realizing he would fall for her. Is treasure worth the loss of relationship available to him?

Such strong family ties in this novel. Looking at family legacy, and unearthing memories and stories of the past. Family heritage and the love of Christ is so much more important than any treasure that can be stored up on earth, such as Montezuma’s treasure. The Evan's family is a dynamic, close knit family that models a grace filled structure through the atonement of Christ. I love how Matthew and April are beginning to see the deeper love for each other, and have John and Julia as role models on a marriage. 

Linda Weaver Clarke creates growing characters in her novels as you read from book 1 through 3 (4 to come!!) and you get to know them like old friends. I love the family dynamics in her books and so enjoyed having Grandpa join in on this journey to add that extended family element to the story. Delving into family history and learning that legacy of the family is so valuable. 

I LOVE reading Linda’s books. They are the type of book that you hate to set down, but you don’t want it to end either! I have book 4 awaiting my reading, and can't wait to share the latest adventure right off the presses!

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  1. This book sounds really great! I love a good treasure hunt, and mix in some Christian values and this book has me very intrigued.