Sunday, April 15, 2012

Meet the Skeptic by Bill Foster

Meet the Skeptic
A Field Guide to Faith Conversations
Bill Foster

“Both skeptics and Christians are guilty of not thinking through their beliefs”. Knowing why we believe what we do is going to resonate better with people than, I just believe it because the Bible tells me so. “Blind faith is not a biblical principle”.
Skeptics are all around us with differing worldviews than we have as Christians. Bill Foster takes the skepticism and breaks it into 4 different groups for us to look at each one. Spiritual, Moral, Scientific and Biblical. Within each of these areas is a root idea that leads them to the false premise of their belief. Rather than argue a point with the skeptic, ask a probing question to help dig up the root idea.

We use field guides for a variety of things in our culture. The condensed, easy to follow version to get your started. This book isn’t to replace the Bible in anyway. It is an additional tool for you to use to gain wisdom from the Word and use that in a way to get some of these skeptics to think more succinct.

I think this book along with the study guide make an excellent course for high school students, especially for mine who are homeschooled and don’t run into the amount of skeptics that they will when they ‘get out there in the world’. What a great way to build up their faith, give them information on why they believe what they believe and have a reason for their answers.

Speaking to topics such as Karma, being basically good, evolution, Big Bang Theory, moral relativism, diversity, legends and myths and more, Bill Foster gives a fantastic overview of situations you can easily run into with the skeptics around you. A wealth of information is contained in this book. A great field guide you will want to keep on hand for referencing and utilizing for everyday situations as we encounter skeptics in our world.

I strongly recommend this book not only for adults but high-schoolers as well. With the Leaders Guide and workbook you can easily use this in a small group, Sunday school, or homeschool environment. I just talked to my family about working through this as a group to help prepare us to Meet the Skeptic!

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  1. Great review! Thank you for sharing. I am enjoying this book quite a bit. Blessings to you.

  2. Melanie, Thanks so much reviewing my book. Your complimentary critique is encouraging and I hope many people will be able to put the book to good use. Looking forward to seeing where God takes it from here.