Monday, April 16, 2012

Jade Yoga Review

 Believe it or not, I have just recently tried Yoga. I always envisioned it was for super flexible, healthy people, not really something a Mom of 6 could do with any ease. I am learning that Yoga is much more than exercise. It is about stretching your body and mind. A phobia I had for awhile about Yoga as a Christian was that it was geared toward an inner self or new age concept. For some people, yes that is how they 'direct their energy'. As a Christian I can utilize the meditation time to be in fellowship with Jesus Christ. It isn't a religious activity, but rather an exercise of both the mind and body so as a Christian I just make sure to focus on where I want my mind to stay.

I got a trial or demo mat from Jade Yoga to review, paying only the shipping on it. Jade is one of the best manufacturers of Yoga Mats. Why?

*They use natural rubber from rubber trees, no PVC or synthetics
* Open cell natural rubber guaranteees optimum grip
* It is very cushioned and comfortable, thicker than many other Yoga mats.
*Made in the USA
* for every mat sold Jade Yoga plants a tree
* They have a large list of causes that they support and reach out to with their yoga products with a 'giving back' mentality
Not just for Yoga either, these exercise mats work great for any stretching or pilates, or other work outs you may do in your home or gym. I owe it to myself and my family to get better in shape and this mat helps out so much to keep my body off the hard ground and ease me into an exercise routine.

Visit Jade Yoga today and consider a Yoga Mat for Mother's Day

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