Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Home Steady Etsy Review

Meet Sarah from Home Steady on Etsy

Sarah has a new etsy shop and is a talented artisan or upcycled and recycled products. Along with partners Andrew and Ben, they are utilizing things in nature and discarded wares to be creative. 

I had Sarah make me a plarn bag. Have you heard of plarn?
You take plastic grocery sacks, cut them into strips and tie them and then utilize that plastic ‘yarn’ to crochet with. Genius! I watched a YouTube video on how to do it, and it is quite time consuming and nowhere near as easy as crocheting or knitting with yarn. The end product though is completely up cycled and wonderful! What a way to celebrate the earth!

 This plastic bag can hold tons! No need to gather more grocery sacks at the store, just take your plarn bag with you. You will get noticed as people wonder what your bag is made out of. I love how Sarah made it so it has multiple colors within it, making it fashionable as well as practical. 

Give her shop a Favorite if you are a fellow etsian! 

Be sure to check out her earrings while you are visiting. Beautiful artwork and amazing prices!!

Sarah graciously made me a plarn bag for review. She would love to make one for you!! Visit her today and get yours ordered for Earth Day!!


  1. I love plarn! It's actually kinda fun to work with and I love the things you can make! I've made 3 shopping bags using plarn and have sold them all to raise money for mission trips. This babg looks really cool!

  2. Be still my green heart. :)

  3. Wow, that is new to me - it looks awesome! I really love what she's doing, up-cycling is so much fun :)

  4. Wow! Sarah sure creative and her work is beautiful!

  5. I have never heard of plarn, that is so cool!

  6. I think plarn is a great idea! They look so much more nicer than these other reusable grocery bags that you have to buy. This is so much more better, and more inexpensive, too!

  7. i love that bag, can't open her page though )=

  8. This is really great. Plastic bags can be so wasteful, & this is a good alternative.