Tuesday, April 10, 2012

GrowUms- Add Character to your Garden

Grow Ums
Salad Garden

Add a little Character to your garden!

6 different gardens to choose from at http://www.growums.com/Gardens
We chose the Salad garden which as 2 carrot, 2 cucumber, 2 lettuce and 2 tomato seeds inside. Each vegetable or herb has a character you can refer to online http://www.growums.com/Characters.

Their website is very interactive as you can play games, register your garden, watch a video and track your garden progress. Bright and vibrant the kids will love to look around on this family friendly website.

I have typically grown a large garden and the kids have helped with that. There is something special for the kids when they can plant their own seeds and watch them grow, being responsible for caring for them. That ownership and care learned at an early age will carry on for them as they get older and help out in the larger gardening projects.
$9.99 each, these mini gardens make great science experiments for school age kids.

Growums is a super program that involves not only growing gardens within your own family but branching out to include fundraisers for schools and organizations. Kids learn best when they can have hands on interaction.
Their fundraiser opportunities are now tied to a new Growums Goes To The Fair Blue Ribbon Program hosted by Fairs around the country.

Here is our recent “Growums Garden in a Wheelbarrow Contest at the California State Fair:http://vimeo.com/28032986 

More about this Program can be found in the fundraising section of our website at:http://fundraising.growums.com/BlueRibbon 
as students across America become recognized for growing their own food and becoming true BLUE RIBBON WINNERS.

Growums is one of my sponsors for the
 Honor the Earth giveaway coming up soon!

Visit them on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/growums


  1. What a cool company! My kids are still a little young but as they get older I want them to be excited to plant and harvest a garden of their own!

  2. I like this. I'm going to send some to the grandkids.