Thursday, April 19, 2012

Dancing on Broken Glass- Ka Hancock

Dancing on Broken Glass
Ka Hancock

On occasion a novel comes along that shows strong depth of love, a boundless love that in this throwaway society, stands firm. The kind of relationship we all long for in our souls, but would be willing to count the cost for it?
Lucy and Mickey attempt to beat the odds in their lives to pledge their undying love to one another. Lucy, whose family lineage is gone from breast cancer and has overcome herself. Mickey who is bi-polar and has a personality that can go from deeply depressed to mania. The love each other despite these obstacles and make a vow to make it work, accepting the things they cannot change. 

It isn’t easy. Dealing with Mickey in and out of the hospital over the years to get his meds regulated again. Lucy dealing with cancer and the fear of dying like her own mother did at a young age. Their list of ‘rules’ for living, framed by their bedside helps them to focus. The last rule on the list is that they will not have any children to pass on these diseases to. Lucy who has had her tubes tied several years ago finds out she is pregnant. How can they raise a child with all that they deal with in their unique situation?

Ka Hancock uses her experience in the nursing and psychiatric field to paint a picture of bi-polar and the affects it has not only on the person with it, but those who love him. She does an excellent job of utilizing Mickey’s own words in a journal type format, while Lucy deals with all she does in loving Mickey. We meet up with Lucy and Mickey as they fall in love, and shift to the present and back. Catching up on their story as they deal with the here and now. 

This is a heart wrenching novel, reading as if watching a movie unfold in front of you. Seeing the kind of true love that sticks it out. I love the fact that Lucy didn’t just abandon Mickey, and knew what she was getting in to prior to marrying him, or so she thought. With divorce being so prevalent in our society it is nice to have a novel where the couple despite the odds, works to stay together and in love. 

Outstanding debut novel from Ka Hancock. I look forward to reading more of her works!!

I appreciate Ka providing me with a book in exchange for an honest review.
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  1. This book seems to dwell on subject most dont want to talk about and how things are dealt with. How true love can overcome lots of obsticles in a marriage

  2. Sounds like a very heart-warming book.

  3. just finished reading last night what an amazing book sad but still positive cant wait for more of your writing