Sunday, April 15, 2012

Ballerina Bible review & giveaway

Ballerina Bible – With its sweet and trendy ballerina cover, this Bible is a fun, fresh way for girls to explore and share God’s Word.

As soon as my daughter saw this she says “Mom is that a Bible, it is beautiful!” She is 7 and anything pink and frilly and girlie is wonderful to her. Why not have God’s word speak that to her little self as well. She is blessed to carry such a gorgeous Bible to Sunday School and Church! She is just a beginning reader, simple, tiny words. Yet she is determined to read her Bible! I love that Tommy Nelson continues to put out wholesome, beautiful books to keep my young ones interested in learning more about God and His word.

About the Ballerina Bible

*geared for ages 7-12
*Beautiful ballerina-inspired design for today’s girls who love ballet or who love a pretty, feminine look
*Full text of the International Children’s Bible®
*Presentation page for personalizing
*Includes full-color maps and dictionary/concordance
*perfect size for small hands

The Ballerina Bible comes in a beautiful gift giving box. Perfect for those church celebrations, First Communion, Baptism or Confirmation.
 This is one of the prettiest bibles for girls I have seen.

Tommy Nelson is giving one of my readers a copy of this beautiful Bible. Simply leave a comment with your name, email and answer the following question.

-What extra-curricular activities do your kids participate in? Do they bring their Bible with them to places other than church? If not, do you think they would bring the Ballerina Bible with them? 

USA only. Enter by April 28th at midnight. I will use to select a winner.

I received this bible in exchange for an honest review.You can get your copy at Thomas Nelson


  1. What a beautiful Bible for a young girl. My niece would love it as much as your daughter does. Thank you again for a wonderful chance to win such a treasured giveaway!

  2. That is a gorgeous Bible! My oldest tends to play baseball and soccer. She hopes to get into more. I think she would happily carry this Bible everywhere.

    Melissa Haggerty

  3. Vanessa Brooks

    My oldest Daughter had one bible she takes to church and we read from mine dureing the wek I think Both my daughters would love this bible. :O)

  4. My daughter is 7 as well. This is so perfect for her. She brings bible story books to church, but could really use her own first bible. I know she would happily carry this many places!
    erinb1 at aol dot com

  5. One of my granddaughters would love to have this bible. She will be nine next month and this would be perfect for her.

  6. My daughter does swimming and piano lessons. Her bible stays home. She might be tempted to carry this one with her, it's so pretty!

    k dot guss at hotmail dot com

  7. My daughter is only 16 months old. But we are involved in our church and community and I would love to have this bible as a keepsake for her and to bring with us to our different events as well!

    Kari R.
    journeykit (at) aol (dot) com

  8. This bible is beautiful! My daughter would have a fit! She loves pink!!
    What extra-curricular activities do your kids participate in? My daughter is 5 and she is in her 2nd year of dance!
    Do they bring their Bible with them to places other than church? If not, do you think they would bring the Ballerina Bible with them? She would probably never put this bible down! She has a small preschool type bible but have been looking into getting her own "big girl" bible with her name on it. She would FLIP over this one!

    Amy Craft
    davenamy310 at comcast dot net

  9. (going to post as anonymous as I can't seem to get it to work other ways - name and e-mail below)

    There's a "pink and frilly and girlie" girl living here also - she would adore owning a Bible like that!

    I can't really think of a lot that would fall under 'extra curricular activities' (she's still fairly young), but I know that Bible would go EVERYWHERE she did. I don't think we'd even get a trip to the grocery store without it ;-) She already carries her little new-testament-only pocket Bible with her various places.

    weaver_kali at rocketmail dot com

  10. My daughter goes to a Christian School (best thing I ever did for her) She has learned so much and is growing more curious about the bible. I read a (very old) children's bible to her every night. I know she would definitely be proud to own the Ballerina Bible. Thanks so much for sharing!
    BritJJ @

  11. My daughter is 7 and is really interested in the bible right now. We don't have extra curricular activities right now but I am sure she would take thisBible with her to church and possibly school. She loves to read in after school.

  12. This Bible is perfect for my daughter who is 4 but has a mind like a 7 yearold her favorite Bible character is Peter because He listened to Jesus and walked on water. She is into many extracuricular activitys but her favorites are ballet and volunteering with me her mom in helping serve dinner before service at our Church. I am blessed to have her and she would be blessed to have the Bible. Thank you so much for giving us the chance to win. Have a blessed Day!


  13. Very pretty Bible. My kids are in track and volleyball. They don't usually carry their Bibles around but like taking them to church. Thanks.

  14. My daughter loves to play soccer.She currently just shares my bible but I would love for her to have this beautiful one of her own.

    April K.