Thursday, March 22, 2012

With a Name like Love book Review

With a Name like Love
Tess Hilmo

Ollie Love and her 4 younger sisters are travelling missionaries for her father Everlasting Love who is a preacher. They travel from town to town, staying for a mere 3 days in each place to preach the gospel to those who haven’t heard. Ollie has gotten used to handing out flyers, setting up chairs, and singing hymns with her sister. Binder Arkansas brings much the same for Ollie until she meets a young boy named Jimmy. Everyone is telling her to stay away from him as his father murdered his mother. Jimmy doesn’t seem like a bad seed, but everyone seems against his family. Living alone and struggling on his own, Ollie tries to befriend him and get him to come to the preaching services. Feeling in her heart the need to stay and help prove Jimmy’s mother innocent, Ollie begs her father to consider not moving on after 3 days.

Such a passionate story of a large, preaching family. I loved the dynamics of the larger family on the move. With nowhere to call home other than the trailer they pull behind their truck, the family seems content on helping their father preach the gospel message. I love how Ollie takes that further and reaches out to Jimmy knowing he needs the care of and help of her family for a time being. I love the relationship between the girls and mother and father. Often these days authors have strife within the family, either they are divorced or struggling or one parent is deceased. Tess Hilmo has created a great family structure, intact!! I loved that!
The girls were each individual in their characteristics and it was sweet to read about each one of them. I enjoyed this story very much and I think middle school age girls will really love it as well.
I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. 

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