Saturday, March 10, 2012

Want to raise chickens?

The Illustrated Guide to Chickens
Celia Lewis 

Published by Skyhorse Publishing, the latest book from Celia Lewis advises on how to raise chickens for eggs. You learn how to to select the chickens best suited to your needs as she illustrates and describes over 100 breeds of chickens. 
She includes detailed information on the parts of a chicken, combs, types of feathers, parts of a wing, and other characteristics of the chicken. 
Whether you want to purchase new stock of chickens or hatch your own, Ms.Lewis provides ample information for the beginner on feeding, housing and caring for those young chicks. 
Artistically brilliant in capturing each breed, both the rooster and hen as well as the chick. She also illustrates the typical egg. Gorgeous renderings!!
I can't get over how detailed and gorgeous the paintings are!! With this book you can get a fantastic idea of which breed you most would enjoy raising. It is a great book for 4-H kids or FFA to learn about the variety of breeds and have details to go with each including the origin, egg color and the breed standards. I have seen many chicken books on breeds and there were some in here that I hadn't even heard of! The drawings are so incredibly realistic that you can easily envision the true chicken in your coop. 
Truly the best illustrated guide of chickens I have ever seen!
Ms. Lewis is gifted not only in her artistic ability, but in her presentation of the wonderful world of chickens!!
I received a copy of this book from Skyhorse Publishing in exchange for an honest review. You can pick up your copy at


  1. DD's music teacher has chickens. I would love to get some eventually. Looks like a good book to add to my 'to read' list. Thanks!

  2. Looks interesting. My family started raising chickens about a year ago, and learned most everything from books!

  3. We have always talked about raising chickens! Would be such a neat idea.