Friday, March 16, 2012

Sweetheart Designs by Ute review & giveaway ends 3-28

Ute’s Etsy Shop Announcement

"Unique jewelry treasures made for all the Sweethearts in this world !
This is the shop where you can find sweet gifts, jewelry made with love. Need something to cheer you up? Stay awhile and you will surely find something to warm your heart and make you smile and don't forget: Always remember others, a little sweet gesture goes so far!
After all: we all need a little love in our lives."

Ute is truly the sweetheart! She was an awesome artist to work with. She made me a pair of hairsticks, something I had never used before or ever considered using. I have struggled with always having my hair in a ponytail because of its length and tediousness to keep out of the way. I knew that the rubber bands were damaging my hair and often made me have a headache. I thought I would try the hairsticks to see if they worked in long hair like mine. Did they work?? Fantastically!

A little about Ute from her Etsy site :

"When I was growing up in Germany , I was always drawn to this tiny store called "Perlenmarkt" ( transl. "bead market).It sold probably about 3000 + beads,findings,charms, earrings and rings of all kinds and from all over the world.The isles were so small that only one person could get thru and it had such a cozy atmosphere that I spent many hours there , marveling on what designs could be dreamed up , what sort of gifts I could make.Earrings should be affordable, light and unique.
So now that I am an adult, I still have a " bead mania', still like to dream up cute designs and decided that as a balancing power to a hectic daily life , I once again should introduce jewelery making as my medium. I received such a huge response from friends and family , that I thought to give etsy a try.
Affordable, light and unique.If you have something in mind, let me know and I will dream something up for you! :)"

Ute sent me a few photos on how to put in the sticks. I looked on youtube and there were dozens of different videos on a variety of ways to where them and how to put them in! I tended to like the bun concept and putting the sticks in after that. I did notice I only needed 1 hairstick and it kept my hair in place all day long!! Now that is super ergonomics!

I thought I would try using the hairsticks while my hair was wet, fresh out of the shower to see if it worked well that way. The extra weight of my hair was a bit much for just one hairstick, but with 2 it worked super slick as well. Off my neck and out of the way for the rest of the day!

Ute loves custom orders and can make your hairsticks any way you would like. She also makes beautiful earrings, bracelets and necklaces! Her beads are unique and colorful. 

The only thing I would maybe do differently with my next set of hairsticks is have the decoration be a bit shorter. The length of it tends to bend some at the axis and when the dangling portion moves I think someone is behind me! Simply just a preference of my own. I love these hairsticks from her site, I think they will be next on my list! 

They are not sharp at the end, and no my children have not tried to use them as weapons!
I recall using pencils to put my hair back in high school, so it has been super fun to wear the hairsticks!
Look at some of her other beautiful bead work!

 Sweetheart Designs by Ute is offering my readers a set of custom made hairsticks!! 
You won't believe how easy these tools are to use, and will love how they look!!

Follow the Rafflecopter for entries. (you may need to click on the Read More ). USA only please

You can contact Ute through these venues!

 Etsy Shop
Google Plus
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    Thank you so much for the chance!

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