Saturday, March 3, 2012

Superior Nuts Review

Superior Nuts

If you love nuts, and no.. not just your family members but,

Brazil Nuts
Corn nuts

Get the idea?? You can buy every single one of these at Superior Nut Company, and even more!

Plus get them dipped in chocolate, mmmm my favorite
Add to that just about every dried fruit you can imagine. Maybe they should change their name to Superior Nut and Fruit !

I selected 2 items to review, and believe me the choice was overwhelming. I wanted to try everything, and hopefully over time I can at least attempt it!

Chocolate covered Cashews.. my favorite nut

Whole nuts, variety of sizes, nicely roasted. Covered in sweet, not overly rich, milk chocolate! Delectable. I didn't share with anyone.. gluttony I know. But these were just soooo good! Several quantity sizes on the nuts are available. Whether you are buying for a single person or a gathering.

Chocolate covered Espresso Beans

During my Coffee Revue I sampled 3 different companies choc covered coffee beans and they were good. The ones from Superior Nut Store were better! The chocolate was so much sweeter for that nice balance of sweet chocolate and roasted coffee bean. It was a perfect sweet treat. Excellent value also at $8.95 a pound!!

With Easter and Mother's Day coming up I highly recommend you look through the gourmet choices offered by Superior Nut Store and suprise your loved ones this year with some yummy goodness!

Find them online at

Wouldn't these be great for Easter??

Why Buy from Superior Nut Company?
I received my chose of products from Superior Nut Store to faciliate my review. I was not compensated monetarily for this review. All opinions are my own.


  1. You review the funnest things!

  2. They all look yummy!!

  3. The company looks great in terms of customer service and selection, but are the nuts harvested in an environmentally responsible way? Are they fair trade? Where do their nuts come from? I have a lot of questions lol.

  4. Is there an organic option for the fruits? Where do the fruits come from?

  5. Andrea they do have organic options for nuts here
    I am checking into your other questions and will get back with you