Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sixty Acres and a Bride review

Sixty Acres and a Bride
Regina Jennings

I could see such similarities in this book to Ruth and Naomi in the Bible. A 'modern' day retelling to some degree as Widows Louise Garner and her daughter-in-law Rosa return to Louise's homeland after the death of her husband and son. Rosa is Mexican and not from the tornado torn countryside that her mother-in-law calls home. Rosa creates quite the stir in her new homeland as she is not accustomed to the ways of the local gals, and her spit fire demure attracts several of the local men.. the not so Christian ones. 
Bring in Weston Garner (the pseudo Boaz), owner of vast lands and sheep. He feels the need to protect family and is nephew of Louise, making Rosa his family also. After 5 years of morning the loss of his own wife, Wes feels he needs to reengage in society. Poor widows Louise and Rosa are about to loose their land and scoundrels are around every corner to take it from them. Will Wes put his past behind him and be able to help his family?

Loved how it was a unique approach to a Biblical story and how Louise and her family led Mexican Rosa to Christ as her own family disowned her. Such fun to have a Mexican heroine in the story! I appreciated how Regina Jennings made this a true Christian fiction novel in her continually bringing the reader back to Christ. Sometimes authors do it in such a subtle way it is missed, not the case in this, her first novel. 

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. 


  1. I appreciated this story line- I loved that it was about the book of Ruth and I loved that she was from Mexico! Great review!

  2. Just started reading this in my ereader.