Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Simply Bath Salts Review & Giveaway 4-9

Natural Bath Salts
No artificial or synthetic ingredients

Atlantic Sea salt, Dead Sea salt, Epsom Salt, organic Jojoba oil, organic Lime essential oil.

Simple, yet nourishing and healthy for your skin. What kind of benefits do sea salt give your skin? I asked Justin from Simply Bath Salts and this was his answer "The advantage of adding bath salts to a warm bath are that the skin is able to absorb many of the nutrients in the salts, in particular the magnesium which many people are deficient in and is a great stress reliever. Really there are dozens of minerals in the salts - calicum for bone health, bromide for muscles, potassium & sodium always need maintained at an even level which soaking in the salts can help. We also add Jojoba oil to moisturize the skin and essential oil adds aromatherapy qualities. "

Basic, recyclable packaging completes the product for a complete Eco-friendly bath salt!

I tried the Lime scent in my jacuzzi tub and it was so wonderfully scented! Not overpowering, just a natural lime scent. I wished it would have lasted a titch longer in it's scent and I would have been quite content if I would have smelled like a lime when I got out, but I didn't. I did not notice my skin being overly moisturized when I got out, nor was it dried out in anyway. 

I love how Simply Bath Salts uses only natural essential oils in it's fragrance line. They have a vast amount of fragrances to choose from!
24 oz bag, and you use 1 cup per bath, so you get 6 baths for $12.99

Simply Bath Salts has a quantity discount with the more bags you buy as well so you can order a variety at one time and save money on them!

You can win your choice of scent of 1 bag of 24 oz Bath Salts!! USA only please, ends April 9th

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  1. I think the benefit is ralaxation.

  2. it relieves stress after a long day

  3. My skin feels softer!


  4. ilike them they help dry skin and the water here
    is bad

    desi the blonde at msn dot cm

  5. help dry skin and relive stress after a long day
    Lisa Janson

  6. OUr water is so hard, and they make it feel so much better on my skin

  7. It helps me relax and start a new day