Thursday, March 29, 2012

Rubbermaid Hidden Recycler Giveaway 4-12

Rubbermaid Hidden Recycler

Where do you store your recyclables as you wait to either set them out by the curb or take them to a recycling center? I had a big bin of them taking up space in my kitchen, beckoning me to take them. 
We used to be able to take them just 1 mile down the road to have them recycled. With our move to a new town we have to go to the next town over to take them, requiring a bit more storage of them before we head out. I don't want an overflowing can of recyclables sitting in my kitchen. I was super happy to try out the Rubbermaid hidden Recycler that tucks right under my sink in the cupboard. It is washable and convenient to put in my cans, plastic and glass. I think can send a kid outside with it to dump it into a larger container there for us to take at a later time. No more storing vast amounts of recyclables in the house. 

I was bit concerned about putting this all together when it came to me looking like this
No need to worry, the instructions were easy to follow and in minutes I had my hidden recycler installed.

It was very easy to install and tucks nicely under the sink cupboard.
I love how it can easily be cleaned out from the drips and drops of my recyclables that I put in it. 
The only problem if you want to even call it that, was with a large family, the recycler gets filled up very quickly.!
Now that is a good thing in that we are recycling what we can and doing our part rather than stashing it in the landfill. 
Honestly if it were any bigger it wouldn't stash so nicely under the sink and we would be back to huge containers in the kitchen!
Meets the need and is very eye pleasing! 

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Super product!


I received the Rubbermaid Hiddlen Recycler from Rubbermaid Buzz in exchange for an honest review. 

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  1. i take all my bottle returns to the local bottle return store, and cans and plastic i separate for the recycling truck that comes through once a week. Thanks

  2. Three different large trash cans

  3. Our town has a bi-weekly recycle program. They drop off containers and pick them. I love it.

  4. The handy canvas bag can be cleaned and won't STINK!!!! ;)

  5. We have separate bins for all recycling ;)

  6. Lots of boxes in the garage and then take them in when they are full.

  7. we keep a bucket in the laundry room

    catherine0807 at hotmail do com

  8. I just use the blue bins provided.

  9. We take our recycling to our nearest Chevron, Kroger or Lowe's which all have bins. ~ Angie Bailey

  10. Our city takes all items in one bin. But we always have a pile in the kitchen, I would love to win.

  11. we recycle everything cans plastic 1-7 and glass! plus paper

  12. we recycle everything in the city receptacles.

  13. big trash bags and then off to the redemption center for deposit money

  14. I have a series of bins in the garage that I toss stuff in until we take it to the curb.

  15. I have a separate container for my recyclables. I make an effort every day to make sure if it can be recycled, it doesn't go out with the regular trash.