Saturday, March 24, 2012

Oscar Review

Written and Illustrated by Jordan Troutt and Sarah Preston

Oscar just wants some milk to drink, but there is a hole in his bowl! He sees the moon out of the corner of his eye, and thinks that the moon has to be full of milk. He devises a plan to get to the moon and get that milk. The is aided by the birds and bees to use his homemade wings to get to the moon. He was delighted to find the moon  made of cream and he overindulged until he became so bloated he was a balloon. Definitely an adventure for a little white and red cat!

The illustrations are so darling and bright. I love the red and white striped Oscar with the red ring around his eye. He is unique and memorable. The rhythmic words go along perfectly with the bright illustrations, making the entire book a wonderful read for toddlers and more!

I received a copy of this book from the publisher, Magpie Books in exchange for an honest review. 
You can purchase your copy at Amazon when it releases April 15th or preorder here

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  1. Looks super cute!! Hard to picture the cat as an "Oscar" though. I guess I'm a Sesame Street Kid for life. LOL