Thursday, March 22, 2012

Lightning Fast Spanish Review

Lightning-fast Spanish
Carolyn Woods

Learn Spanish with a different method in this book by Carolyn Woods. She takes everyday situations such as getting dressed, going somewhere, meals, playtime, walks and more and creates sentences that would be appropriate to learn during those times. No need to know Spanish yourself as the parent because she gives you the phonetic pronunciation as well.  You can jump around throughout the book for the conversations you want to start with, no need to start in the beginning and work your way straight through. 

I know zero Spanish, well ok I know how to count to 10 and know what the Bano is J Other than that, I am lost. I loved how Carolyn had the pronunciation written in the book right by the words for me to easily use them. I think that my family may be a bit slow at the learning process and didn’t seem overly interested in humoring their mother when I suggested we try this approach. That is my children however and not the books fault. I think that if used along with a regular Spanish curriculum that this book would be an outstand addition. I do not see it standing alone from a homeschool mom perspective but definitely would help aid in additional instruction and in a different approach for the kids to try. 

She includes activities in the back of the book like treasure hunts and games you play like concentration and twister. I love the concept of this study and just wish my children would have been more excited about it. I am going to continue using it with my younger ones who enjoyed learning a variety of Spanish words.

I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. 

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